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Everything has special properties of dust bag, its production process is very strict and complex. Its price lies in its technical design. It is an important factor affecting the long-term use of the dust removal bag products, high-tech advanced technology has been attached great importance.
The bag filter bag mainly used in China in the 1950s was produced in the Soviet Union. Since the 1960s and 1970s, it has imitated Japan, the United States and other countries to produce pulse type, mechanical rotary type. With the advancement of dust removal cloth bag, bag dust removal industry occupies a major position in the whole dust removal industry, bag dust removal has entered major production industries, such as cement industry, power plant industry, smelting and so on. The dust collecting efficiency of bag filter is very high, which is close to one hundred percent dusting theoretically. Dusting cloth bags can produce different kinds of dusting cloth bags according to different working conditions.
Usually when the factory chooses the dust bag, according to its dust properties, such as whether it is acidic, whether it is alkaline, corrosive conductivity, etc., choose with anti-corrosion, anti-static dust bag. With the development of science and technology. The technology level of dusting bag industry is more and more developed.
Fushun Jiehua Industrial Cloth Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of dust removal bags with years of production experience and perfect production system. Dusting cloth bags are famous for their high quality. For more information about dust bag, please keep looking at us!


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Shandong Hongju Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., located in laopo Industrial Park, Junan County, Hongdu County, Qilu, was founded in 2011, focusing on high-end dust bag cage. The bag cage specially made for high-end dust bag ensures ultra-low emission of dust collector. The company focuses on the production of round, flat and folded bag cages. It has eight most advanced bag and cage production lines in China, with a daily output of 10000 meters of various bag cages. It also has its own domestic advanced post-processing silicone sp...

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