The function of flower bag in bag filter

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The framework of bag filter must be tightly sealed when it is installed on the ceiling. The filtered dusty gas enters the bag filter by the way of downward air intake. Under the action of the guide plate in the intake pipe, the homogenization of dusty gas and the pre-separation of dusty gas are completed. The wear and tear of dust on the bag are slowed down, and the fine particles are carried into the filter chamber through the air flow. When the dust deposited on the instant surface of the filter bag becomes thicker and the resistance of the instant surface of the filter bag rises to a set value, the dust cleaning mechanism is started and the "combined state" dust cleaning is carried out periodically and alternately by compartments. Cleaning, unloading, returning ash and preventing high temperature "burning bag" and low temperature "dew" are automatically controlled by microcomputer.
The deviation between the installation position and the theoretical position of the holes in the pattern plate of the bag filter should be less than 1.5mm and the flatness deviation should not be greater than 3/1000 of the length of the pattern plate of the bag filter. If there is deformation in the flooring board of the bag filter, it may affect the straightness of the bag and the sealing effect at the mouth of the bag. Strengthened treatment should be done at the lower part of the flooring board of the bag filter in the design. The flooring board of the bag filter is smooth and smooth, which reduces the water consumption to 2/3 of the original, and reduces the operation cost. The joints are filled with asbestos rope to prevent air leakage and affect the dust removal effect.
The natural granite is machined into a circular bent plate, the overall structure is smooth and smooth. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. The bottom of the cylinder is closed, which improves efficiency and reduces wind energy dissipation compared with the traditional non-closed cylinder. Cloth bag filter flooring should be smooth and smooth, no flexure, uneven concave and convex defects, and its flatness. The deviation is no more than 5/1000 of the length of the flooring plate of the bag filter. The diameter of the flooring plate of the bag filter should be smooth and without burrs. The tolerance of the diameter of the flooring plate of the bag filter fixed with an elastic expansion ring is (+0.5mm).


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